Teach a class

SME Connect makes it easy for you to share what you are good at with others. To teach, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Develop a course outline of what you would like to teach
  2. Forward your course outline and a copy of your CV to training@sme-connect.com
    • The outline must specify the following:
      • Title of the training
      • Duration (full-day, half-day, multiple days)
      • Prerequisite (what the trainees must know before attending the training)
      • Why the program is important (the rational)
      • The learning outcomes
      • Who will benefit from the training
  3. We will review the course outline and CV. If approved, we will reach out to you with your account credentials. A member of our team will help you get started by uploading your content onto the SME Connect training portal
  4. Once your content has been loaded, you can schedule where and when you would like to have the training offered to the public. We will help you promote the training through various channels
  5. On the day of your training, you show to the venue and teach the class
  6. After each class, you get paid per our standard agreement

Our standard agreement

SME Connect uses a revenue share model to pay its instructors. For each session, SME Connect will pay the instructor 25% of the revenue earned. The remaining 75% is set aside to cover all expenses (cost of venue, promotion and other administrative costs) and SME Connect’s share.