Using Financial Ratios to Make Business Decisions

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Do you struggle to demonstrate financial competence?

Make informed business decisions and analysis

Understanding the financial statements and what they tell you about your business is a great skill to have.  However, you need to know how to draw out key sets of information to provide insights into how your business is performing (as compared to other businesses or with your own performance from other periods).  Is the business growing and performing as it should, what are the key metrics you should be keeping an eye on to assess the health of your organization (whether a department or a company)? This training session helps you to answer those questions in a very hands on manner.

It is a case-study driven and hands-on session to help you explore the commonly used financial raions and what they tell us.  
Take home: Know what ratios that you must be keeping an eye on based on your business and industry to ensure that you are not losing money and that your team is focusing on the right initiatives