Intro to Financial Statements for Non-Finance Managers (Senior Managers Only)

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SME Connect uses a blended learning format for most of its training. What this means is that we utilize both online and classroom/in-person instruction to help our participants master the subject material. We also use case-study driven, hands-on approach to delivering our content to make the material as practical as possible for the learner.

Why the need for this training

In our work with most businesses in West Africa, we realize that most managers are limited in our roles due to their inability to effectively use financial statements to make business decisions or report to their managers, boards, investors or shareholders.  Without the right background, they fail to realise that financial statements tell a story about any business, and if used effectively provides significant value in making the right business decisions. Most managers are either intimidated by financials, fail to realize their value or misuse them.  This training will not turn the participants into accountants but will arm them to confidently consume and effectively apply financial statements in their businesses (whether as owners, managers, aspiring managers, board members etc).

Who will benefit from this training

  • C-level executives and senior managers
  • Entrepreneurs/SME owners

What you will become conversant with

At the end of the training you should:

  • Have a good understanding of what financial statements tell us
  • Be able to create your own financial statements from business records
  • Make some basic decisions using the three statements
  • Be able to report effectively on your business using your financials 

Program description

This hands-on and relevant training is developed for professionals and entrepreneurs without finance and accounting backgrounds who manage (or are looking to manage) some business function(s) or organizations.  It will also be highly valuable to those who need to report to executive committees, boards, senior management or investors.  The training will help participants to develop an appreciation for financial statements, how they are created and what they tell us.  The sessions are all very interactive and require the use of participants’ laptops or tablets (as there will be in-class practical exercises completed during the sessions). 

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